2013: A Big Year For Bigfoot

2013: A Big Year For Bigfoot
By Lee Speigel | The Huffingtonpost
Posted: 12/27/2013 8:17 am EST

It’s known by many names: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, to name a few. And it reportedly lives in extremely remote areas of North America and other countries. But just because a countless numbers of people say they’ve seen the great hairy beast doesn’t mean it’s real.

The Bigfoot controversy reared its head (or feet) many times in 2013. The debate surrounding alleged Bigfoot DNA continued from 2012; numerous videos and still images emerged of reported Bigfoots (or is that Bigfeet? We’ve never really figured that out.); a Texas press conference presented a group of Bigfoot researchers who claimed to show real, never-before-seen high quality videos of the legendary tall, hairy creature; there was also a series of “clear” photos showing two Bigfoot in Pennsylvania.

HuffPost even sent intrepid reporter Andy Campbell overnight into a remote area of New Jersey where he joined members of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” TV series, hunting their quarry in The Garden State.

And as 2014 begins, Bigfoot gets off with a running start. On Jan. 10, “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” premieres on Spike TV. Over the course of eight weeks, nine teams of two people each will be unleashed into the Pacific Northwest to attempt to find irrefutable evidence of the existence of Bigfoot — as they all compete for a $10 million prize. Hosting the new series and keeping track of the Bigfoot trackers is former television Superman Dean Cain. The woods will never be the same again.

Here’s our look back at the year in Bigfoot…
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Bigfoot In A Bigfoot

Bigfoot – Plural?

I like the tv program “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. It’s a little bit silly with a dash of fun and historical footage.

Aside from the fun, I have a beef with the show that is slowly driving me batty; the improper use of Bigfoots as the plural. It’s just wrong.

There are some animals that use an S on the end to indicate a group plural: dolphins, cats, dogs, horses, humans, birds. Then there are species that have a whole new word to indicate more than one; mouse turns into mice, pony into ponies, fly as flies, goose becomes geese. Etc.

And then there are the singular animals that do not morph as more enter to form a group; Deer are not deers, they are deer. Elk shun the S and remain elk. Moose are not mooses, it’s a herd of moose. And if one sees a group of starfish, one did not see starfishes, they saw many starfish.

This last group is where Bigfoot belongs, in my own humble opinion. No Bigfoots, nor Bigfeet. Just Bigfoot, singular or plural.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Sasquatch on.

Bigfoot in Provo Canyon, Utah

Bigfoot Video In Provo Canyon, Utah Adds To Sightings
Posted by Erik Seawright on Nov 5th, 2012

This time the elusive Bigfoot Sasquatch legend has been seen in the Provo, UT area. The specific area was around an area that two campers were hiking around identified as a location around Squaw Peak & Little Rock Canyon Overlook. You can see the area in question in the map which shows the wide swatch of mountainous area that is heavy with trees.

The person that released the video is named Beard Card who signed up for a YouTube account on October 30th, 2012. The video was uploaded and shared to the world and has since racked up over 3,000,000 views. There are about three to four different versions of the video which we’ll include below. Some of the big foot videos are enhanced with a slower frame rate and color enhancements to allow you to see the Bigfoot silhouette standing up in the woods.

During the video you can hear the two campers mumbling some muffled exchanges back and forth like, “I can’t see” while filming a dark figure in the woods that is crouched down. One person says, “What’s he doing?” as his breath picked up and he breathed heavier. Beard says, “We’re probably just to close to it, huh?” As the Sasquatch figure stands up and shows it’s arms, head and full figure the camera quickly moves away and the two start running after one person says, “Let’s go.”

The whole situation has a Blair Witch Project feeling to it and seems fairly real. In the YouTube description Beard Card says that they ran to the car after it stood up and they left their tent & everything else in the camping area. Continue reading

Bigfoot print in Western New York?

Possible Bigfoot print found on 3/18/12 in the Western NY area? Print found by Peter & daughter Jessica Wiemer:


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