Buckle Street Crop Circle May 26, 2014 United Kingdom

Buckle Street, nr Pedworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th May.

During our walk yesterday we spotted what looked like a crop circle, a few miles south of Bidford on Avon in Worcestershire. It was in a field of barley south of Bidford Gliding Club on Buckle Street. Four gliders were circling above it at the time. I have not been into it but it looked like more than wind damage. I have sent you two pictures.

Alice Welsby

Report and photographs courtesy www.cropcircleconnector.com

Into The Night

The world is a weird and wonderful place. And thanks to the internet, we are no longer restricted to writing bad poetry while sipping wine and listening to vinyl records. Instead, we can blog something and post it Into The Night…

My Friend, I think about you often. I miss you. Things went awkward but there was no fault on either side. Sometimes people just shift and sway, move away, become someone else. We grow, we change. It happens.

I wonder how you are, I hear things that may or may not be true. I don’t pay too much attention since it might not even pertain to you. I hope you are well, but if you are not, I wish only good things for you and a change to the plot.

So if you ever read this My Friend, tomorrow or next year, I hope you know that despite the ending, I wish you nothing but good cheer.

The world is a weird and wonderful place… and I thank it for letting me know you for a short while. Be well My Friend. Be well and try to smile.

and so, I send this… Into The Night