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Canadian news site reports that Mexican TV reveals UFO sighting in Wisconsin and Michigan, USA.

UFO: Mexican TV uncovers orbs over Wisconsin and Michigan
DATE: 27 MAY 2012 POSTED BY : BY RAYMOND [The Canadian National Newspaper]

Mexican TV has shown horizontally arranged orbs over a Baseball Field which borders the American states of Wisconsin and Michigan on 20 May 2012 according to testimony from UFO Sightings Daily.

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June 22 -24, 2012 Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California, USA

SETIcon IISETIcon, envisioned and organized by the SETI Institute, is a unique, entertaining and enlightening public event where science and imagination meet. SETIcon brings together innovative scientists, science fiction authors, space and science artists, space lovers, and the curious and adventurous everywhere for a 3-day public celebration and exploration of space, real science, technology, imagination, and science education. Continue reading

White Buffalo

Rare white buffalo sacred to some in Native American community killed and skinned.

Published May 05, 2012 |

Miracle ~ Born 1994

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department is among several agencies investigating the gruesome death of a rare white buffalo, born nearly a year ago on a ranch near Greenville, Texas.

Lakota Buffalo Ranch owner Arby Little Soldier said he and his wife returned from out of town to find the calf, considered sacred by some in the Native American community, killed and skinned. The next day its mother was also found dead.

The non-albino white buffalo was named Lightning Medicine Cloud in a special ceremony last summer. The chance of a white buffalo birth is said to be 1 in 10 million. Continue reading

Anonymous Claims ‘We Are Not Alone’

Posted on Friday, May 04, 2012 @ 14:49:39 MDT by Informant_News

The hacker group Anonymous appears to have moved beyond its role of hacking into networks. Now the group has released a video that says “we are not alone.” In the coming weeks, they plan to release evidence of extra terrestrial beings that have been on Earth since the early 1900s.

The group’s posting said that the “truth” of the aliens are much more intricate than simple UFOs and flying saucers. Apparently within a few days Anonymous will release the information it has about the extra terrestrials who already interact with humans. Continue reading

Artists: What’s Your Potential?

Don’t underestimate your possibilities. They’re greater than ever!

By Carolyn Edlund

Over the past few months, I’ve talked to many artists, and heard some self-defeating comments, like:

– It’s not like it was back in the 1990’s; you just can’t make money like that anymore.

– I’ve never been able to take my business past being a start-up.

– I know that the market is saturated for my type of work, so I can’t make much money. I don’t want to price my work any higher, or I won’t make any sales.

– I get frightened that I’m not thinking the right way, or making the right choices, and so I freeze and do nothing.

Have you been thinking along the same lines? It’s easy to fall into that trap. Many artists aren’t born businesspeople. Creating business plans and marketing strategies are not familiar activities. Fear of rejection and lack of confidence combine to grind everything to a halt. You “freeze and do nothing.”

There is very good news, however. Is the market shrinking? No. Are opportunities going away? No way. In fact, with today’s global marketplace, there are more possibilities than ever to sell your work and make money as an artist. The key is to understand those potential opportunities so that you can unlock them and position yourself. Continue reading