Grass Crop Circle

First 2012 crop circle in the Netherlands – Bosschenhoofd, April 24, 2012

As Robbert and Stan reached the section of the field where Robbert had seen the lights they both saw the new formation and felt a very strong “tingling” sensation in their bodies.  As Robbert walked into one of the circles he says he also felt some sort of “magnetic” pressure on his head and felt the presence of a very strong “angel” energy as well as a less important (in Robbert’s understanding) “inter-galactic” power.

Allentown PA UFO

“Like as if I was high”
Case Number: 37606
Log Number: US-04202012-0005
Date Submitted: 04/20/2012 03:22 UTC

“I woke up around 2:50am and went outside to smoke a cig and seen an orange orb hovering in the sky. Between two power lines I seen it’s changing it’s direction, when I would stare at it for more than 10 seconds I felt faint and confused. Like as if I was high


So then I woke up my mother and told to take a look, cause I was starting to think I was crazy, but she saw it too. I have binocs but I can’t seem to find it when I look into them, Seems only can be seen with the naked eyes It’s now 3:20 and still in the sky as of right now”

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New painting

It is done. Pondering a title.

Pardon the flash...

You know, I don’t think I do anything “right” when it comes to the Art World. I often thin my acrylic paint down to almost the consistency of water colors, and I use my water colors more like India Ink. And colored pencils really are just crayons for adults, except when I shave them and grind them into the paper with a Q-Tip i.e. cotton swab.

Don’t get me wrong; humans have rules for a reason. I look both ways before I cross the street. But when it comes to creation, who needs rules?

Mars Monolith

Here we can see how Buzz was talking about monolith on Mars…i thought he was crazy and spreading lies.. Now i read in OUR newspaper about monolith on Mars, there is no doubt that this structure is there physicaly. What is its purpose i don’t know nor does anyone on this planet. Your thoughts on this? This is no natural phenomena, the object is too properly made in design.

Mars ‘Monolith’ PHOTO Snapped By Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Sparks Astronomers’ Interest

By: Natalie Wolchover
Published: 04/11/2012 05:50 PM EDT on Lifes Little Mysteries

Amateur stargazers have discovered an intriguing object jutting out from the surface of Mars. The seemingly perfectly rectangular, upright structure, found in NASA images of the Red Planet, bears a striking resemblance to the monoliths planted on Earth and the moon by aliens in the classic sci-fi film “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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First Nessie Sighting of 2012?


Has Nessie come out of hibernation at last? From Gary Campbell:

A local man travelling south on the A82 road at 5.15pm on Wednesday 4th April reported seeing a circular whirlpool like disturbance on the otherwise flat calm loch. The disturbance was near the middle of the loch just south of Urquhart Castle. He said it was similar to the disturbance that is caused at sea by bait fish being forced to the surface by larger predators. There was no boat traffic in the area at all.

Just in time for Monster Hunting Season! I await further information on this particular event.

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Godspeed Thomas Kinkade Mr Happy Art

Thomas Kinkade, the prolific painter of bucolic and idealized scenes who estimated that his mass-produced works hung in one out of 20 American homes, died on Friday at his home in Los Gatos, Calif. He was 54.

Though often disdained by the fine art establishment, Mr. Kinkade built a decorative art empire by creating sentimental paintings that were, for the most part, relatively inexpensive and resonated with the desires of homeowners who did not ordinarily buy art. He sold his work directly, through his own franchise galleries or on cable television home shopping networks, and eventually online.

His works were reproduced in books and on posters, canvas prints, hand-signed lithographs and collector’s plates. He likened himself to Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney, insofar as all three “really like to make people happy,” he once said. Many of Mr. Kinkade’s paintings captured scenes from Disney.

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