Goodbye 2020 Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya

Goodbye 2020.

We are done. I am over you. I will never look back on you with fondness. I’m breaking up with you forever… 2020 you were the worst year ever! Okay, that might be a stretch. I’m sure there were years that were seriously terrible in comparison. How about… 2020 you were certainly the weirdest and most annoying year ever.

Strange to realize that it was almost exactly a year ago that I found a little mention, in a tiny corner of the internet, of a serious new virus coming out of Wuhan, China. Being a sci-fi fan, I began to follow the tidbits of information coming out of Asia with some serious concern. I’ve read enough books and watched enough movies to know that global pandemics usually end up badly for the humans.

In the middle of this, I had to move. I mean, literally in the middle of the “2 Weeks To Slow The Spread”, all my belongings plus the cat and I got moved and we did it almost two weeks early. I had until the end of the month but thank God for my moving people, my angels. They called me on a Monday, late in the afternoon, and said “Things are getting hairy. You want to just do this tomorrow?” Sure! I was only half packed but you gotta do what you gotta do. I spent the night throwing clothes into plastic trash bags, slept for like two hours, got up at 3:00 am and kept packing. Thanks to my angels, and my dear friend who helped me with the final bits that didn’t make it into the trailer along with the cat, who was not amused by the shenanigans, I was loaded into my new abode JUST before lockdown hit.

Bars and restaurants closed. Then non-essential businesses closed. My internet did not get connected for a month. The weather was foggy and misty nearly every day. It was, indeed, like a sci-fi horror film, looking out at a new neighborhood, feeling off kilter just from the moving but then add in Covid-19 and please…

Then the shortages. The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 will not soon be forgotten. And no Lysol spray! No cleaning supplies! No paper towels! WTF! I just moved into a new home and she needed some serious cleaning. Thanks to the China Virus, sorry, no cleaning for you!

Along came food shortages. Strange new sizes and brands. The Great Coin Shortage. And masks. First it was “Don’t wear a mask, only medical professionals should wear masks so please don’t buy any masks.” Hah! I’m on to you, I’m a sci-fi nerd. As soon as they say don’t wear a mask, WEAR A FRIGGIN MASK! So there I was, curled up on the sofa in my dirty house, sans Windex or Lysol or paper towels, hand sewing masks. Three layers of soft t-shirt material with a slot to add a piece of coffee filter for added protection. At first it was just me and my fellow sci-fi geek at the grocery store wearing them. We both laughed nervously at how we might look silly, but zombies could be next, why take a chance.

Then, like whiplash, it was announced that the public SHOULD wear masks. Not to protect ourselves, but to protect others. Wait, what? So the Wuhan Flu Mask Mandates began. On the bus, in the store, in an Uber, at the bank. Then bank lobbies closed and masks were mandated outside and OH HEY LOOK suddenly we have protests and riots and looting and fires. The country, the cities, had gone insane.

Meanwhile I’m still looking for a can of Lysol spray. I had not seen one in the wild since March.

Then there was an election. The Presidential Election of 2020. All I’m going to say is… if the so called media won’t show you the evidence, then you will believe there is no evidence to see.

That was two months ago. On Tuesday, I found both a can of generic store brand and AND an actual can of Lysol Disinfectant Spray. I yelled so loud when I saw the Lysol, the lady at the deli thought I had dropped something. I bought both. Part of my New Year’s Day celebration for 2021 will be to spray some around the house.

I’m no longer that worried about Covid-19 because the date shows it’s mostly a really bad cold, if even that much, although the sci-fi geek in me is still a little nervous about zombies any day now. But I am sick and tired of masks, I hate wearing masks, my masks are the best and actually not that uncomfortable to wear BUT I AM FRIGGIN SICK OF IT I’M OVER IT I AM DONE DONE DONE.

Pretty much the same way I feel about The Year 2020.

Happy New Year y’all.


Promises Kept

It’s been 14 years. I’ve kept my promise. It’s important that once you swear to something that you stand by your word. Promises kept. I keep my promises.

Remember a long time ago, before technology, when it wasn’t easy to be traced? When a snow day meant gathering at your friend’s house, the friend where both parents worked, and drinking hot chocolate while making really stupid crank phone calls? It was great! Continue reading

Covid-19 Masks You Are Doing It Wrong

Covid-19 masks – you are doing it wrong!

“The average person touches their face two or three thousand times a day… three to five times every minute. In between that we’re touching doorknobs, water fountains, and each other.” Dr. Erin Mears | Contagion

Stop. Touching. Your. Face.

Look, I get it. I don’t think there is a single person who actually enjoys wearing a face mask, whether it be a homemade reusable washable cloth mask, a disposable medical style mask, a super duper N95 mask or a simple two layer bandanna wrapped around the head. Nobody likes it. Continue reading

Sparking My Joy With Marie Kondo

I admit it. I don’t own any Marie Kondo’s books, not even the original The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing that changed the world. But thanks to the internet, I have been reading the tidying journeys of others, drinking the KonMarie Method koolaid and it is indeed a life changer. It sparks joy. Indeed.

But even joy has it’s downfalls. Or, better put, it’s struggles. Continue reading

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Palooza

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Palooza

Thanksgiving is still a week away but already I am fighting the urge to put up my Christmas decorations. Normally I am the first one to mock Christmas displays going up in stores before Halloween and the last two years they have been sneaking in at the end of Continue reading

The Smell Of August

The Smell Of August

The month of August has a definite smell to it… late summer mixed with a hint of fall and a dash of sweltering humidity,. It’s the kind of heat that when combined with a massive dew point is basically Mother Nature giving you a free steam bath and facial. Continue reading

Into The Night

The world is a weird and wonderful place. And thanks to the internet, we are no longer restricted to writing bad poetry while sipping wine and listening to vinyl records. Instead, we can blog something and post it Into The Night…

My Friend, I think about you often. I miss you. Things went awkward but there was no fault on either side. Sometimes people just shift and sway, move away, become someone else. We grow, we change. It happens.

I wonder how you are, I hear things that may or may not be true. I don’t pay too much attention since it might not even pertain to you. I hope you are well, but if you are not, I wish only good things for you and a change to the plot.

So if you ever read this My Friend, tomorrow or next year, I hope you know that despite the ending, I wish you nothing but good cheer.

The world is a weird and wonderful place… and I thank it for letting me know you for a short while. Be well My Friend. Be well and try to smile.

and so, I send this… Into The Night


Easter Themed Birthday Party

Easter Themed Birthday Party

Hippity Hoppity! If your Birthday is in the Spring, an Easter Themed Birthday Party can be fun for young and old. Have an Easter Egg Hunt, an egg decorating contest, Easter Basket cupcakes with jelly bean decorations and a rolled fruit leather handle, and Easter themed party favor gifts and games like… pin the tail on the bunny!

Easter is just around the corner. These colorful custom creations available from Zazzle will help you get started planning an Easter Themed Birthday Party for someone special. All Easter Birthday products are available in all three Bunny colors of blue, pink and green.

844-1212 Time Is Dead

Apparently it’s an old news story. But I didn’t know!

Today my friend commented that her computer time does not match the time on her phone and she never really knows what time it was. I commented about back in the dark ages of my first computer [1997] when someone gave me a freeware program that let me update my bio clock, down to the nano second, via some serious atomic clocks around the world. Because the computers were not calibrated to keep up back then. Maybe it was still a problem, I don’t know.

Then she said “Wait, can we call Time?” Well gosh, yes, I remember calling Time. Let’s try it! And as we often do, we said it at the same time: 844-1212 … she put the phone on speaker and pressed the numbers in the proper order…

Instead of Time, a pre-recorded error message issued forth from the telephone speaker. Please Check The Number And Dial Again. WUT? We can’t Dial Time anymore?

Time Is Broken. Maybe the Mayans were right after all. =:0