Budget Wedding Invitations With Real Foil Printing

Budget wedding invitations with Real Foil printing are now available at Zazzle. Real gold foil. Real silver foil. Even real rose gold foil printed on the perfect wedding invitations, created by independent designers, and printed just for you.

But wait, the price of real foil invitations for your wedding may seem not so budget after all. Relax, my Budget Bride. As a person who lives on a penny pinching budget every day, one needs to step back and look at the big picture. The average cost. Where to add the bling and where to let it go. The desired result with a little bit of creative soul to pull it all off within your means. It is possible.

When Zazzle introduced the real foil invitations last month, I began to design wedding invitations in my head as I was falling asleep every night. So. Much. Fun! While I have more wedding invitation designs in the wing waiting to be finalized, my first set released into the Zazzle marketplace is the Luxe Monogram motif in several color and real foil combinations.

I love the classic look of the banded seal at the bottom with a double monogram for the bride and groom’s initials. The minimalist style is made modern with a mix of fonts that leads to a more casual feel while still maintaining a traditional essence that can be blended into many wedding themes.

Let’s take the ivory, navy blue and Real Rose Gold Foil version, the first one I created. The Luxe Monogram Wedding set with real foil printing includes the wedding invitation, a rehearsal dinner invite, Save The Date announcement with photo, an engagement party invitation, bridal shower invite, a menu that works for any of the formal occasions and a simple ceremony program with room on both sides for your day of wedding needs.

So say you choose the ivory, navy blue and rose gold wedding invitations. Now how to work this into a budget wedding for the penny pinching bride? Your colors are ivory, navy blue and rose gold pink – choose the real foil printing wedding invitation option that you can safely afford. Now, look through Zazzle and find lower cost RSVP cards in ivory, details card in navy blue and a belly band in a pretty pale pink to wrap around the entire wedding packet.

For the reception, choose the Real Rose Gold Foil wedding menu flat cards available in my collection on Zazzle. That alone, when the guests are seated for dinner, will set the mood for your celebration meal… simple, classic, elegant. With mouths already watering from the initial anticipation, and as long as the dishes are served with care and an eye for presentation, not one person will care that your budget only allowed for three courses not four or that you picked from the lower cost section of the caterer’s menu or that your table décor is simple dollar store tea light candles on mirrors instead of gobs of expensive flowers.

Budget Brides can make savvy choices while reducing stress on themselves and their wallet. Like, be flexible on color matching. Even if you order from the same printing house, the color you choose may not print exactly the same on each piece of your wedding stationary. Everything from the machines used, the operators, even the different paper finishes can influence color. Instead, determine early on that you have chosen a color FAMILY, not an exact shade which must be matchy matchy across everything. Pick navy blue but throw in a lighter or darker blue shade here and there on purpose. Know that ivory may print more towards ecru or cream and use those also as accents. This way, if an invitation suite comes back not perfectly matching in the exact same shade of navy blue across every piece, you have anticipated the problem and turned it into accents instead. Nobody receiving your budget wedding invitations is going to care. Honest. Well, maybe that one guy… but mostly, these people want to witness you and your groom say your vows and wish happiness upon you both on your beautiful, budget and stress free wedding day.

Happy wedding invitation hunting!