Christmas UFO 2012

Seriously, I had the urge to Google “Christmas UFO” tonight, not expecting to find anything… boy was I wrong.

UFO Seen Near International Space Station, Live Cam Feed, Dec 25, 2012.

Christmas UFO 2012

Date of sighting: December 25, 2012
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit on International Space Station (ISS)
This recently seen UFO was caught on live NASA cam today. It’s seen and then suddenly disappears. If you want to try to catch a UFO yourself all you need is a screen recorder and go the the link below. If you watch the cam, you will see one. SCW

Posted by ScottCWaring | Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jim Kane at had this to say:

Christmas UFO at International Space Station
December 26, 2012 11:25 AM EST

A UFO was caught on a NASA live stream, at the International Space Station on Christmas Day. You always get clear and crisp footage from the ISS cam, and this time was no different.

In the approximately five-minute video, you can see an anomalous white orb lurking in the background. It hovers in one place, and then gradually vanishes, appearing to travel away from the station. What is it? If it’s some form of spacecraft, why is it visiting on Christmas? The object is tiny, hence a detailed description is impossible. Continue reading

Astrum Vita Postcard for the #twitterartexhibit

It is done. I have scanned it twice and taken three photographs, but I can’t seem to capture the subtle sheen as the light hits the paint nor how it looks to my eye. Which is a perfect excuse to not mail it yet… I refuse to give in to any more artistic excuses! It’s going off in tomorrow’s mail to the Exhale Unlimited Gallery, gosh durn it!

Astrum Vita Paullus

Astrum Vita Paullus | Acrylic on paper | #twitterartexhibit Los Angeles

The blues are deeper, the purples shine more and the oranges… oh maybe you will just need to see it in person.

See ya’ll in LA :)

Well, not actually *in* LA… but I’ll try to stay up late enough to attend the opening via Twitter…

Exhale Unlimited Gallery
Art Division
David Sandum

Chicago Thanksgiving Day Bus Zombie

Nov 24, 2012: Chicago is not without it’s fair share of strange attacks.

On Thanksgiving, an enraged man was aboard the California bus on Chicago’s south side. He was intoxicated, and taking off his clothes as he beat and assaulted several passengers, including the bus driver.

The first officer on the scene was an evidence technician. He approached the bus as the assailant, Ismael Jamison, 28, began to attack the officer. The officer shot the crazed attacker, who then stumbled backward.

He regained his footing and again approached the officer, who quickly shot again.

When more officers and medics arrived on the scene, Jamison needed to be tasered to be subdued enough to be placed in the ambulance.

Shot twice, naked, tasered, and randomly attacking civilians and officers. Highly suspicious behavior. Bath salts? Wasted on booze? Or perhaps something more potent, perhaps he was rabid.

Zombie attacks don’t always come from the undead. Keep your eyes and ears sharp, and if you see something, say something.
Source: CBS Local Chicago

Rochester Hills, MI
NOV 28 2012
“My friends saw a zombie standing in their driveway and they don’t usually kid around about stuff like that.” 2012 and the Zombie Apocalypse
NOV 26 2007