Breaking: Possible Bigfoot Shot and Killed In Pennsylvania

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013
Breaking: Possible Bigfoot Shot and Killed In Pennsylvania
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This is unconfirmed at the moment and we’re still trying to figure out what exactly transpired here. According to our source, PBS is looking into a possible shooting of Bigfoot somewhere in Pennsylvania. “It has been all over the police scanner in the area,” our source tells us, but he will not confirm the exact location.

To say that Pennsylvania is squatchy is an understatement. This state is home to the BFRO Jacobs creature taken in the Allegheny National Forest, and also home to the Pennsylvania white Bigfoot. Last month, a surge of Bigfoot sightings In Clearfield PA prompted police to put up traffic signs in an area where they were alerted to “increased animal activity”. The report stated:

Lawrence Township Police continue to receive unconfirmed reports regarding “Bigfoot” sightings in the River Road/Kerr Addition area. Police have yet to secure evidence to validate these encounters, but caution motorists traveling on River Road to be alert for increased animal activity. Increased animal activity is believed to be the result of improving weather conditions. As a precaution, signs have been erected in these “crossing areas.”


March Is UFO Season in Japan

Seems to be a lot of UFO activity this March and we are only halfway through the month. Japan in particular seems to be the current hot spot with at least two sightings so far. 

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UFO hovering over Sakurajima, Japan on 15th March 2013

UFO sightings 2013 – This UFO was recorded by Steetcap1 on his live cam on 15th March 2013. When he rechecked the video the object was not there anymore. This cam had recorded other UFO sightings in the last few years.

video of 03-15-13 UFO over Japan

UFO sightings – Interesting bright undefined flying objects flying above Japan on 11th March 2013.

UFO lights over Japan on 11th March 2013


video of 03-11-13 Japanese UFO

Bigfoot in Provo Canyon, Utah

Bigfoot Video In Provo Canyon, Utah Adds To Sightings
Posted by Erik Seawright on Nov 5th, 2012

This time the elusive Bigfoot Sasquatch legend has been seen in the Provo, UT area. The specific area was around an area that two campers were hiking around identified as a location around Squaw Peak & Little Rock Canyon Overlook. You can see the area in question in the map which shows the wide swatch of mountainous area that is heavy with trees.

The person that released the video is named Beard Card who signed up for a YouTube account on October 30th, 2012. The video was uploaded and shared to the world and has since racked up over 3,000,000 views. There are about three to four different versions of the video which we’ll include below. Some of the big foot videos are enhanced with a slower frame rate and color enhancements to allow you to see the Bigfoot silhouette standing up in the woods.

During the video you can hear the two campers mumbling some muffled exchanges back and forth like, “I can’t see” while filming a dark figure in the woods that is crouched down. One person says, “What’s he doing?” as his breath picked up and he breathed heavier. Beard says, “We’re probably just to close to it, huh?” As the Sasquatch figure stands up and shows it’s arms, head and full figure the camera quickly moves away and the two start running after one person says, “Let’s go.”

The whole situation has a Blair Witch Project feeling to it and seems fairly real. In the YouTube description Beard Card says that they ran to the car after it stood up and they left their tent & everything else in the camping area. Continue reading