Bigfoot Sightings 2021 Ashland Ohio

Two separate Bigfoot sightings in 2021 occurring in Ashland, Ohio just a few miles apart from each other could make this area of the country a prime place to visit if you hope to catch a glimpse of North America’s famed but unconfirmed wood ape population.

On April 24, 2021 a woman in Ashland County, Ohio had an encounter with one of the most elusive creatures on Earth known to man, a Bigfoot, as she was leaving her gym.

Then on June 9, 2021, an Ashland County man believes he may have also witnessed a Bigfoot as he was mowing his lawn. Is there a convergence of Sasquatch happening in Ashland, Ohio in this, the summer of 2021?

Around midnight on that spring evening of April 24th, a 20 year old woman walked out of the Warehouse 24-Hour Gym having just completed her workout. She heard a twig snap, turned her head and saw a large creature, seven or eight feet tall, covered in a grayish fur. Convinced that it was far too large, likely several hundred pounds, and moving far too fast as it raced into the woods 30 yards away, to be a mere man. The speed in which the creature moved was incredibly fast and is what frightened the woman the most.

Shaken by the sight and nearly in tears, the woman called her parents from the safety of a nearby restaurant and asked them to come pick her up. The young woman and her father contacted Matthew Moneymaker and his Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Moneymaker stresses that the woman’s eyewitness report was genuine and firmly believes it was not a hoax. Unfortunately, friends and co-workers of the woman found out about her Bigfoot sighting and made light of it so she asked that her name be removed from the BFRO report on the website and wishes no further involvement. BFRO filed this under a “Class A” rating.

The sighting on June 9th was just a few miles away from the Warehouse 24-Hour Gym but this time it was broad daylight. A 51 year old man was on his riding mower after an hour and a half afternoon rain finally let up. The man saw a large black figure emerge from the tree line, walking upright and moving diagonally in a northeast direction across a recently planted soybean field. Viewed from approximately 250 yards away, the all black creature quickly moved from the field into another wooded area.

Stunned, the man stopped his mower and just watched. He had no way to record what he was seeing as he had left his phone inside in case the rain returned. As the creature walked, the man drove his mower about 35 yards closer, to the edge of the bean field, unable to get closer, and observed that the tall figure appeared to be following a deer trail.

Even as an admitted Bigfoot enthusiast, the unidentified man initially tried to reason the encounter away. He also contacted Moneymaker and made an official BFRO report for the website. Moneymaker gives this sighting a “Class B” rating.

Ohio is a bit of a hotbed for Bigfoot encounters, with 309 official reports listed on the BFRO website. Of course not everyone who sees a wood ape tells their tale so many go unreported. Ashland County now has six Sasquatch sightings reported, including the April 24th incident, with the oldest going back to 1943. The June 9th sighting, once updated on the website, will bring Ashland County up to seven, with two of those Bigfoot sightings occurring in 2021 alone.

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