Bigfoot – Plural?

I like the tv program “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. It’s a little bit silly with a dash of fun and historical footage.

Aside from the fun, I have a beef with the show that is slowly driving me batty; the improper use of Bigfoots as the plural. It’s just wrong.

There are some animals that use an S on the end to indicate a group plural: dolphins, cats, dogs, horses, humans, birds. Then there are species that have a whole new word to indicate more than one; mouse turns into mice, pony into ponies, fly as flies, goose becomes geese. Etc.

And then there are the singular animals that do not morph as more enter to form a group; Deer are not deers, they are deer. Elk shun the S and remain elk. Moose are not mooses, it’s a herd of moose. And if one sees a group of starfish, one did not see starfishes, they saw many starfish.

This last group is where Bigfoot belongs, in my own humble opinion. No Bigfoots, nor Bigfeet. Just Bigfoot, singular or plural.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Sasquatch on.

Kansas militia expects zombies

Kansas militia expects zombies, and it’s dead serious
BY KAREN DILLON | The Kansas City Star

It’s got to be one of the coolest names ever for a group:

The Kansas Anti Zombie Militia.

But the group is real and its members are pretty serious about it.

Once the Zombie Apocalypse hits, they’ll be ready for it and they want you to be too.

“Can a natural person change into this monster that many fear?” Alfredo Carbajal, the militia’s main spokesman, said in an interview. “The possibilities are yes, it can happen. We have seen incidents that are very close to it, and we are thinking it is more possible than people think.”

Carbajal and other true believers aren’t so much scared of movie zombies. The apocalypse they see coming is a pandemic spread by a virus that creates zombie-like symptoms.

Last month, the Discovery Channel featured the Kansas militia in a documentary that concluded that such a Zombie Apocalypse — or Zompoc — was possible. The program featured scientists who speculated some evolving virus is bound to jump to humans on our overcrowded planet. Continue reading

New Art in Zazzle Store For 2013

New Art in the Zazzle Store for 2013… I’ve been busy.

New Stuff

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