Chinese New Year 2024 Year Of The Dragon

This year’s Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is fast approaching and will be celebrated on February 10, 2024. This holiday is celebrated by Asian cultures around the world with wishes and traditions revolving around prosperity and luck for the new year. A different zodiac animal is representative of each Lunar New Year and 2024 is the Year Of The Dragon.

From feasts and dinner parties filled with culinary delights to the traditional Hong Bao lucky red envelope in which one tucks  Continue reading

New Years Eve 2023 123123

I find numerology to be an interesting topic but don’t usually put much faith into it. I realize some people swear by the practice, however, I just see it as something fun that might be real but who knows, the same way reading my horoscope might strike a chord deep inside my being on that particular day if it sounds like it could almost, quite possibly, apply to me.

But today, New Years Eve and the last day of December 2023 is very interesting indeed. If one is writing today’s date in numbers with a two digit year at the end as in 12/31/23 then take away the separators… it’s a once in a lifetime date: 123123. Continue reading

The Christmas Color Trend Is Pink

The Christmas color trend is pink and my pink faux glitter snowflake collection is doing well on Zazzle, with multiple sales of personalized Christmas cards, tree ornaments, gift bags and address labels.

Set on a background of pale pastel pink with text in a deep berry pink and the main theme of faux glitter in pink for the snowflakes themselves, these holiday themed products Continue reading

The Power Of Friendship

Yesterday I was able to spend a delightful afternoon with one of my best friends. We talk often but had not seen each other since the Spring of 2021. But, as is the case, it was if no time had passed since last we hung out. Once I put you in the FRIEND column, that’s just the way it is. It could be years between phone calls or face to face visits but time does not matter for me. That is the power of friendship.

Our day together was simple enough. Continue reading

Budget Wedding Invitations With Real Foil Printing

Budget wedding invitations with Real Foil printing are now available at Zazzle. Real gold foil. Real silver foil. Even real rose gold foil printed on the perfect wedding invitations, created by independent designers, and printed just for you.

But wait, the price of real foil invitations for your wedding may seem not so budget after all. Relax, my Budget Bride. As a person who lives on a penny pinching budget every day, one needs to step back and look at the big picture. The average cost. Where to add the bling and where to let it go. The desired result with a little bit of creative soul to pull it all off within your means. It is possible. Continue reading

RIP Betty White Dead At Age 99

I just heard the news. Such a sad day. RIP Betty White, dead at age 99, just weeks away from her 100th birthday. January 17, 1922 to December 31, 2021. The world will be a little less funny without you.

I remember several years ago, my sister and I were having one of those rambling conversations where the topics jump from this to that and then Continue reading

Marigolds And The Flowers Of Summer

So this year, after many seasons of non-gardening, I decided to buy some flower seeds and add a little summer color. After much deliberation, I settled on marigolds.

Why? I’ve never particularly liked marigolds. I like zinnias and nasturtiums and daisies. Zinnias were too tall for the area I was planting. I’ve done nasturtiums over and over. Daisies were not to be found on this particular seed rack. So I plucked a packet of marigold seeds off the display and thought how sunny and lovely the orange and yellow hues would be for myself and Continue reading

Bigfoot Sightings 2021 Ashland Ohio

Two separate Bigfoot sightings in 2021 occurring in Ashland, Ohio just a few miles apart from each other could make this area of the country a prime place to visit if you hope to catch a glimpse of North America’s famed but unconfirmed wood ape population.

On April 24, 2021 a woman in Ashland County, Ohio had an encounter with one of the most elusive creatures on Earth known to man, a Bigfoot, as she was leaving her gym.

Then on June 9, 2021, an Ashland County man believes he may have also witnessed a Bigfoot as he was mowing his lawn. Is there a convergence of Sasquatch happening in Ashland, Ohio in this, the summer of 2021? Continue reading

Goodbye Abby Roads

Goodbye Abby Roads.

Abby The Tabby Pretty Girl Might Change. Abby Pretty Girl. Abby Girl. Abby.

You were such a good girl. You saved me when my heart was broken. I spent nearly 18 years preparing myself for this day so I wouldn’t feel such pain again. But it didn’t work. My heart is broken again.

Goodnight sweet Abby, the best kitty in the world since my last best cat in the world. I hope you knew how very much you were loved. I hope I was a good fur mom to you. You were such a good girl, even when you were bad. I will love you forever.

Abby Girl | Born August 1, 2003 | Adopted December 4, 2003 | Died June 8, 2021