1945 Crop Circles?

Are Crop Circles More Than Just Modern Pranks?

By Yue Wang | Feb. 02, 2013 | Newsfeed.Time.Com

A Tasmanian historian used Google Earth images to argue that crop circles, which are often dismissed as jokes taken too far, are not simply a modern hoax, according to the Huffington Post.

Many were persuaded that the intriguing circles were nothing more than pranks when two British men, David Chorley and Doug Bower, revealed in 1991 that they, under the cover of darkness and armed with wooden planks and barrels, had been creating circles across the wheat fields of southern England since 1978.

The two “ jovial con men in their 60s,” as described by a local newspaper at the time of the revelation, demonstrated in front of groups of journalists how they trampled out the patterns that were often attributed to aliens, reported the New York Times.

But historian Greg Jefferys, who has a degree in archaeology, says he has new evidence that not all crop circles have a human origin.

After spending more than 300 hours examining aerial photographs from Google Earth’s new 1945 overlay, Jefferys concludes that a number of crop circles has been appearing consistently each summer for at least 33 years before Chorley and Bower began their work. Continue reading

Ohio Crop Circles near Hopewell Serpent Mound

Investigators probe reports of crop circles near Hopewell mound [Serpent Mound]
7:14 AM, Oct 1, 2012 Written by The Gazette Staff

Hopewell Serpent Mound Crop Circle

CHILLICOTHE — A group of crop circle enthusiasts gathered Sunday at a farm near Hopewell Mound Group to get a ground-level look at a newly discovered formation there.
Jeffrey Wilson, director and co-founder of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association, was joined by about a dozen cerealogists — people who study crop circles — at 8 a.m. for an investigation of the site. A Gazette reporter tried to accompany the group to the site, but was turned away by Wilson. He said anyone outside of the group would need the property owner’s permission, but he declined to provide the owner’s name or contact information.

In a Sept. 24 post on the website cropcircleconnector.com, Wilson said the landowner is only granting access to the group that conducted the investigation Sunday. He urged others to respect the landowner’s property rights and not to trespass.

A page dedicated to the crop circle indicates it first was reported Sept. 20 by Kevin Williams, the brother of a woman who saw it while flying over the farm in an airplane.
“My sister saw a crop circle from an airplane last week,” Williams wrote on the website. “She asked (the other person in the airplane) to take some pictures for me as she knew I was a believer in extraterrestrial life.” Continue reading

Does Italian Crop Circle Depict 2012

New Crop Circle in Italy Depicts Planets and Constellations on December 2012


A crop circle has been reported in Santena near Poirino, Italy on June 17th, 2012.

View more photos here:
This crop circle depicts apparent references to planetary orbits. According to crop circle researcher Dr. Horace R. Drew the positions of the objects in the crop circle reference the future dates of December 21st to 28th, 2012. Below is Drew’s analysis of the formation:  Continue reading

Grass Crop Circle

First 2012 crop circle in the Netherlands – Bosschenhoofd, April 24, 2012

As Robbert and Stan reached the section of the field where Robbert had seen the lights they both saw the new formation and felt a very strong “tingling” sensation in their bodies.  As Robbert walked into one of the circles he says he also felt some sort of “magnetic” pressure on his head and felt the presence of a very strong “angel” energy as well as a less important (in Robbert’s understanding) “inter-galactic” power.