Easter Designs For People Who Aren’t Into Pastels And Flowers

Easter Designs

Easter. A time of Spring, pastel colors and delicate flowers. But for those people who aren’t into pastels and flowers, here are some Easter designs that are more neutral or on the other end of the spectrum, very brightly colored.

First up is a faux wood texture style Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Shown on a tote bag, an Easter brunch and egg hunt invitation and a paper plate, this Easter design Continue reading

Easter Themed Birthday Party

Easter Themed Birthday Party

Hippity Hoppity! If your Birthday is in the Spring, an Easter Themed Birthday Party can be fun for young and old. Have an Easter Egg Hunt, an egg decorating contest, Easter Basket cupcakes with jelly bean decorations and a rolled fruit leather handle, and Easter themed party favor gifts and games like… pin the tail on the bunny!

Easter is just around the corner. These colorful custom creations available from Zazzle will help you get started planning an Easter Themed Birthday Party for someone special. All Easter Birthday products are available in all three Bunny colors of blue, pink and green.