Astrum Vita Postcard for the #twitterartexhibit

It is done. I have scanned it twice and taken three photographs, but I can’t seem to capture the subtle sheen as the light hits the paint nor how it looks to my eye. Which is a perfect excuse to not mail it yet… I refuse to give in to any more artistic excuses! It’s going off in tomorrow’s mail to the Exhale Unlimited Gallery, gosh durn it!

Astrum Vita Paullus

Astrum Vita Paullus | Acrylic on paper | #twitterartexhibit Los Angeles

The blues are deeper, the purples shine more and the oranges… oh maybe you will just need to see it in person.

See ya’ll in LA :)

Well, not actually *in* LA… but I’ll try to stay up late enough to attend the opening via Twitter…

Exhale Unlimited Gallery
Art Division
David Sandum