Graduation 2021 Ideas

Will there be in person Graduations in 2021?

Early reports say sometimes yes, and sometimes no. But there are still ways to celebrate your graduate and show them how proud you are of their accomplishment no matter the state of the world.

If your area is not allowing for in person graduations for your kid’s high school or college in 2021, you can organize a school wide drive by party parade for the entire graduation class. DIY or custom order car flags, yard signs, garden flags and banners to line the parade route. Custom balloons in among store bought balloons will add a personalized flair to the drive by parade. Add some crepe paper streamers for the cars and trucks driving down the parade route along with lots of family, friends and neighbors and create your own honk and wave graduation parade.

For districts where in person graduations in 2021 will be happening, masks may or may not be required. If your school will be hosting a traditional graduation ceremony inside with a mask mandate, consider masks custom printed with your grad’s school year and a fun cap and tassel design. Host a traditional graduation party, socially distanced as needed, and fill the hall with graduation decorations, custom napkins, trendy table confetti, banner flags, custom printed balloons and fun hand fans to lift everyone’s spirits.

Regardless of the actual graduation ceremony planned or unplanned in 2021, the coolest way to announce your graduation and share your excitement is a graduation photo announcement postcard. Let everyone in the family, along with friends, know that You Did It. The world may be weird but even that won’t stop you from getting that well earned diploma.

Don’t forget about awesome gifts for your graduate. 2021 has a wide variety of custom printed graduation gifts for your high school or college grad. From graduation cap toppers to photo blankets or custom glassware, the options for personalized graduation gifts and keepsakes is amazing. Don’t forget the presentation! Create your own wrapping paper and gift bags to make your special gift even more unique.

So, will there be in person graduation ceremonies and parties in 2021? Only time will tell. But you can still make the day extra special for your child as they walk across the stage, or your living room, no matter what.