Faith And Dreams – A Christian Coloring Book Filled With Inspiration

Faith And Dreams Christian Coloring Book

My fifth coloring book, published this year, is Faith And Dreams: Weekly Inspiration And Scripture. Built on the foundations of my previous book Fanciful Garden: A Weekly Journal And Coloring Book, Faith And Dreams almost designed itself. I had created all the drawings for Fanciful Garden with journal writing and diary entries in mind. It was a new experience leaving blank space on my drawings and when I was done, it was I who now wanted to fill it.

The world today seems like it needs more kindness, and so I began. I wanted to include Bible verses but I know some people might like simple words of wisdom and inspiration too. This is why Faith And Dreams is fifty percent Bible passages and fifty percent inspiring words and phrases.

Peace, Love, Joy… Be Gentle With Yourself. These are sprinkled in among the Bible quote pages on the original images from Fanciful Garden to create Faith And Dreams. The text is not hand drawn, I fully admit that. I did the wording on the computer, created an outline style for each font meant for coloring, and then added little elements and extra touches here and there to make the text unique.

This was a beautiful book to work on because it inspired me every day that I added a new passage to one of the images. I included the bonus pages from the original journal theme with Faith And Dreams for Bible journaling or jotting down notes, ideas or your own inspirational quotes.

Faith And Dreams is not strictly a Christian coloring book but rather an organic mix of good vibes and positive thoughts meant to be colored. I hope you enjoy it.

Faith And Dreams: Weekly Inspiration And Scripture
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