New Mars Face in NASA Photos July 28, 2013

Mars Face Discovered In NASA Photos, July 28, 2013, UFO Sighting News.
Posted by ScottCWaring at Monday, July 29, 2013

Date of sighting: July 28, 2013
Location of sighting: Mars Surface
NASA photo:

This is a highly detailed face of a species of alien whose face resembles half sheep and half human. Look carefully and you will see the upper and lower lips, chin, jaw, cheeks, eye, nose, nostrils, and long flowing hair.

Last year I found a similar sheep-human face on Mars, look at photo below to compare.

For some reason its a difficult thing for people accept when they first see them, but understand this is not my first but just another face of thousands I have found and only published about 60 of them to date because only the higher detail ones can withstand the skeptics reviews.

You will never hear NASA even consider such a face exists, not even acknowledging the face at Cydonia, but instead when they went back to take a photo of it…the new photo was blurry and had been smoothed out with photo shop programs. The Cydonia photo taken 10 years earlier was high detail and easy to make out its features. NASA has an agenda…to hide alien life until the point that the United States Military has gotten the weapons from the aliens that they want…which by the way the aliens wont give them. LOL, so its up to us, the people to crack NASA wide open. Check out the video I made today below. SCW

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