Colorful typography lettering and fonts

I’ve been on an artistic adventure the last few months, creating personalized art in the form of colorful letters. What started as a brief blip of an idea late one afternoon in early fall turned into quite the little project! I still have two more patterns ready to be transformed and another two or seven in my head, but here is what I have completed so far and made available for purchase in my shop on Redbubble

blue and white stripes letters monograms initials

Framed blue watercolor stripes typography art

These are my blue and white stripes watercolor initials and were the first ones I made. I started with a piece of paper, my paintbox and a medium brush. Simple slightly wavy lines painted in soothing strokes filled the paper in varying tones of navy, sky blue and white until I was pleased with the result. I then scanned the painting into my computer.

red and white watercolor stripes letters monograms initials

Framed red watercolor stripes typography art

Above are my red and white stripes watercolor letters. I used the same technique and painted the watercolor crimson, cherry and pink in various tones, leaving small areas of paper showing through as the white.

After scanning the base art into the computer, I created letter template “cutouts” that could be applied over the base layer design, leaving the shapes of the letters to stand on their own. And I liked it!

metallic look stripes letters monograms initials

Framed metallic marker stripes typography art

The faux animal print letters above are from my metallic look series. I was wandering the aisles at the local drug store when my eyes landed on a pack of metallic Sharpie markers in silver, gold AND copper. They were pricey at $6.00+ for the set but I had to have them for my colorful alphabet project. The base design for these were much more time consuming, creating the wavy lines on paper bit by bit and then coloring it all in. I went through several movies and some bad reality television while finishing the background art for the final monograms. I don’t know if anyone else will see the metallic finish the way I do, but I like the feel of shimmery zebra stripes or tiger stripes in the finished letters.

So those are my first three sets of colorful letters finished to date, and each one is available in all letters of the alphabet. My next sets will be a design in red, orange and yellow and the other is a delightfully psychedelic mix of purple, blue and green. The second one is either 1960’s mod or 1970’s groovy, I’m not sure yet. But that is for another day…